KNP 101

Our Early History

Forming a band has never occurred for these four youngsters. However fate has linked these four when they decided to pursue their studies to the university in 2005. At first, music is only played using their acoustic Kapok and TGM guitars. For them, musics are only played to eliminated boredom and pressure while studying. The three stoogers: Achee, A.J. and Hj @ Maestro will always play their acoustic guitars whenever they got the chance. Hostel stairs and Simon’s room are their most favourite places for them to play their guitars. Pop Rock, Indie and Alternative are some of the genres that these 3 guys always play. Most of the songs are from Indonesian bands, such as Radja, Peter Pan, Samsons, etc. Consequently, they always create differences and add some extra elements in each song that they play, such as fasten the tempo, adding some sort of rock-ish style riffing, modern Satriani-like lead playing, jazz, ska and sometimes metal elements. The main factor is that each one of them has different music influences, although, they remain their respect towards each others’ interest and maintain the belief that ‘music is universal’. Simon, on the other hand, was used to be a church singer. Every time Achee and A.J., most dominantly, play their guitars he will join in the party and sing along, adding a pop-ballad style of singing. Their ‘Acoustic Jamming Session‘ took place mostly in hostel rooms or the hostel front stairs, and never or whatsoever, decided to bring it to the studio.

However, their journey began to change when in the middle of 2007, the idea indirectly being injected inside their mind when one of their friends – Essha, had bought an electronic drum set. In addition, A.J. earlier before had bought his first TGM electric guitar. Since then their hostel rooms were filled with the sounds of guitars and drums. This no-name band’s first ‘Electronic Jamming Session‘ was held in A.J.’s room on 13th August, 2007, at 8.50pm. The first unofficial line-ups were Simon-Vocal, Achee-Bass, Essha – Drum, A.J. -Rhythm / Lead Guitar and Azeerol – 2nd Rhythm Guitar. Their first cover song was ‘Menghapus Jejakmu’ by Peter Pan. They had multiple try-outs and in the end they succeeded. However they did experience some tumbles and difficulties on the current line-ups and decided to change, being Achee on Drums and Maestro who was only a spectator during that time to be on Bass.

One month after that, the idea to bring their jamming session live into a recording studio has finally become a reality. These boys, who dont know what music is all about, decided to gamble on their new-known so called ‘talent’, by choosing 4 Aces Studio as their first debut. Some of the cover songs played were Killing Loneliness (HIM), Bintang di Syurga (Peter Pan), Hapus Aku  (Nidji), Warmness of the Soul (Avenged Sevenfold) and Pengemis Cinta (their first own song). The first session was a success, since then Achee, being the sanguine member had always think of a suitable name for their band. Since they had always been a favour in adding extra elements in each songs that they play before, Achee unofficially uttered KNP to be their name. Ironically, all of the band members accepted it; while laughing to its meaning. Since then they would like to be known as K.N.P Band. Since then KNP had experienced changing in line-ups and few other minor obstacles. Their music journey started to develop each time they play together whilst their music interests had grown deeper. They started to bring cover songs from legends and bands such as KISS, Puddle of Mudd, ST12, Shades Apart, Mr. Big, No Doubt, Judas Priest, Metallica, Red Hot Chilli Pepper, Kings of Leons, Greenday and much more. Until today, each one of them continue to excel and eliminate their weaknesses in order to shine K.N.P band to be one of the must-listen band in Brunei.

Written by Achee KNP
Edited by A.J. KNP
.KNP. Some Rights Reserved 2010
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