Please note that some videos are too dark to be viewed and the quality might be unsatisfactory. Most of these videos were taken without proper lighting with a low-end video cam. Rest assured, the up and coming videos will be recorded properly with a new video cam. Should we apologize for this? Nah~

One of the covers we played back in 2007.

HIM cover played in 2008

An Indonesian song with two invited singers in 2010

KNP’s first Korean Cover featuring Jon in 2007

Cantik (Radja Cover)

Salahkah (The Arians Cover)

Killing Loneliness (HIM Cover)

Rock And Roll All Nite (Kiss Cover)

Join Me In Death (2nd HIM Cover)

Not Like The Other Girls (The Rasmus Cover)

Bossanova featuring Dyana (Saloma Cover)

Bossanova featuring Dyana (1st Take)

Cinta Monyet featuring Dyana  (Goliath Band Cover)

Elang featuring Dyana (Dewa Cover)

Holiday (Greenday Cover)

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