Who are we?


Formed: 2007

Genre: Heavy Metal, Rock, Pop Indie, Slow Rock, 80’s Glam Metal, Blues Rock, Goth Metal, Punk Rock…just about everything.

Record Label: M4 Phat Records Inc.

Label Type: Independent (or rather unsigned)

Country: Brunei

Album: None

Single(s): Two singles but we rather not say.

A ‘lil summary about us.

We are KNP Band. We love jamming and wrecking other people’s songs. One thing you kittens should know is that each of us, the band members, have a very different taste in music genre ranging from heavy metal to techno. That what makes us different and possibly weird in another way. We don’t care if we screw up the song, that’s our way, the KNP way. So stop being judgmental and start to play heavy metal!

And oh, in case you’re wondering what KNP stands for, stop right there. It’s for you to never find out, unless somehow you become a band member. That’s it from us, don’t stop rocking…and please feed those poor kittens.

From L-R: A.J., Achee, Maestro, Hilmi, Simon

.KNP. Some Rights Reserved 2010
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