FX Collections

My FX collections:

Ultra Shifter / Harmonist US600

Ever want to have that sweet mellow harmony tune? This is for you. Want to shift up or down your tone? This is for you. Want to cheat and play double lead with one guitar? This is for you. This baby is a rare item here in Brunei and costs slightly higher than other normal FXs.

Super Metal SM400

For metal heads who can’t get enough juice out of their normal metal FX, try this for a change. This thing will give you the extra juice you need. They are easy to use and you can control the amount of metal distortion you want. I suggest maxing it all the way. High notes and long sustains ftw! Permanent ear damage guaranteed.

Hell Babe HB01

Hell Babe is the name. Runs on a 9V battery and/or a power outlet. Quite a unique Wah Pedal with an optical control module (whatever that is). It has a boost function and great for solos. The amount and the shape of the Wah are easily controllable from blues, mellow and jazzy wah to shrieking wah! The downside of this pedal is that they are heavy, bulky and sucks too much battery power so I suggest getting a power outlet for this one.


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