KNP Band Tribute to H.I.M

After much delays and technical difficulties since January 2009, the Tribute to His Infernal Majesty is on! This memorable event will take place this Saturday the 20th.

H.I.M for short, has influenced the music directions of KNP and it deserves a tribute. Saturday will be a purely Gothic Night and seven of the greatest H.I.M songs will be played, which includes:

1. Killing Loneliness
2. Join Me In Death
3. Buried Alive By Love
4. Rip Out The Wings Of A Butterfly
5. The Funeral Of Hearts
6. And Love Said No
7. Vampire Heart

So fellas, be as Gothic as you possibly can and be ready for a dark and depressing night. Just make sure those eyeliners are waterproof though. You don’t want to look like a sleep-deprived Panda.


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